Individual security service (personal protection)

Раздел-Охрана физ.лиц.1The Special Division of the Police provides individual security service, i.e. personal protection of the customer or indicated persons in order to safeguard them, prevent and protect against security incidents that pose a life or health hazard, which is ensured by using security tactics, means and methods. Security service can be ordered by legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and persons, including those from foreign countries as well as state institutions that provide security to protected persons.

Раздел-Охрана физ.лиц.2To provide individual security service officers are equipped with firearms, communication means, individual protection and motor transport. The number of officers and dress code are agreed with the customer depending on certain conditions of the operating environment and specific tasks as well as security service customer’s requests.

Раздел-Охрана физ.лиц.6It should be noted that personal security doesn’t authorize the customer to violate the law and feel impunity. Police officers in their turn shall warn the customer against unlawfulness of his/her actions and in case of violation they shall take measures at its suppression and taking the person to the nearest internal affairs office.

Раздел-Охрана физ.лиц.3To conclude a contract on individual security service the customer needs to apply at the Special Division of the Police, duly execute a contract, discuss particular terms of security service and make an advance payment prior to fulfillment of contract obligations.

Раздел-Охрана физ.лиц.4The price of the contract on individual security service is determined in accordance with security service rates of the Department for Safety and Security in accordance with laws and regulations. According to Decision of the MIA and Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus of January 4, 2008 No. 1/3 “On approval of Instructions on procedure of formation, coordination and approval of service rates of the Department for Safety and Security” the payment for individual security service is determined based on one hour rate of Police security, number of employed officers agreed with the customer and transport expenses. Thus as of May 1, 2016 one hour of Police security service in Minsk costs about 9-10 Belarusian rubles  depending on the position of the officer.

Раздел-Охрана физ.лиц.5

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