Transportation and security service for transported property

Раздел.Перевозка и охрана имущества.1Transportation and security service for transported property of the customer is performed by squads of the Special Division of the Police using armoured heavy truck transport that has special colour scheme as well as sound and light alarm.

Moving along the route police officers ensure security and protection of the customer’s property (goods, funds and valuables) against theft and other security incidents. To provide security service officers are equipped with firearms, communication and special means. Security service can be ordered by legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and persons. Any point within the territory of Belarus can be the point of departure.

Раздел.Перевозка и охрана имущества.2To conclude a contract the customer needs to fill in and submit an application for transportation and security service for property to the Special Division of the Police indicating:

type of property (goods) and its details, properties, contents, mass, package type, precautionary measures during transportation of the property;

route and duration of security service, details about the customer’s representative, who  escorts the property during transportation as well as about representatives of the customer who transfer and accept property;

information about property insurance, transportation and other documentation (if applicable)

time and date when the officers of the Division are to be at the departure point.

After submitting an application the customer transfers 100% advance payment to the account of the Special Division of the Police.