Goods and (or) vehicles escort

двое_!_800х533In accordance with legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus the Special Division of the Police provides security service of goods and (or) vehicles escort on a contract basis including:

  1. escort of vehicles transporting goods in accordance with customs transit procedure (customs escort of goods and (or) vehicles);
  2. mandatory escort of specific categories of goods (cargo, property) transported by road:

2.1. alcoholic, alcohol-containing and tobacco products;

2.2. narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances;

2.3. weapons and ammunition;

2.4. precious stones and precious metals;

2.5. hazardous cargo and explosive substances.

Goods and (or) vehicles are escorted and cargo is protected by escort squads of the Special Division of the Police using official vehicles of operational purpose, which have special colour scheme as well as sound and light alarm and as a rule go in front of the transport column.

Moving along the route escort squads ensure security and protection of the goods and (or) vehicles against theft, security incidents and also perform visual inspection to check integrity of cargo compartments, as well as presence and integrity of tamper indicating devices.

Раздел-Сопровождение.2While discharging their duties, escorting and protecting goods and (or) vehicles, officers of the Special Division of the Police have the right to bear and use arms, apply force and special means and also exercise other authorities granted to internal affairs officers in accordance with the law of the Republic of Belarus.

To conclude a contract the customer needs to fill in and submit an escort application to the Special Division of the Police no later than 2 days before transportation indicating vehicle types and number, registration number, type of goods, route, time and date when the officers of the Division are to be at the departure point, as well as details about representatives of the customer that transfer and accept goods and (or) vehicles.

Раздел-Сопровождение.1Registered address of a legal entity, person or individual entrepreneur as well as customs clearance office located either in the territory of the republic or at its borders can be indicated as a point of departure.

After submitting an application the customer transfers 100% advance payment to the account of the Security Division. Escort service rates are established in accordance with Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of July 4, 2006 No. 829 “About rates for services in maintenance (the customs escort obligatory for maintenance) of the goods and (or) vehicles moved on the territory of the Republic of Belarus by road, and services in obligatory maintenance of the protected loads moved on the territory of the Republic of Belarus by rail” and constitute 0.5 USD at exchange rate of the National Bank for 1 km run for each escorted vehicle.

Sample documents

Application for customs escort of goods

Application for obligatory escort of goods

Filling in the application

List of required documents to conclude escort contract

Standard contract form (on protection of goods transported by road)